Service Terms and Conditions

  1. O rders are normally taken verbally and are confirmed by a purchase order as well as in writing by email or letter. Failure to confirm in writing will not invalidate the verbal contract.
  2. In the case of a fixed fee service, if you request us to carry out additional work, an additional fee will be payable and will calculated on a time plus disbursements/expenses basis unless otherwise agreed.
  3. If we find that we are unable to fulfil your order because the situation with the property/site is significantly different to that previously described to us, or we are prevented from doing so by another party or by law or regulation or professional code of conduct, or we consider there to be an unacceptable health & safety risk you will pay to us the reasonable cost of time and expenses incurred.
  4. Services are normally undertaken in accordance with the particular requirements of the addressee and for a particular purpose. Consequently any liability which may arise from our service(s) will be restricted to the addressee only and neither ourselves nor the Supplier are to be held responsible for any action taken by others to whom this report may be made available unless we have agreed otherwise in writing.
  5. Where estimated costs, budgets or allowances for remedial works are given in the report, these are only to indicate the likely order of costs, they must not be considered as an accurate assessment of costs and must not be relied upon as such. Due to the varying complexity of repair and remedial works you are advised to obtain written estimates, quotations or tenders from specialist contractors with relevant experience before making any financial commitment.
  6. Where The Asbestos Group allocates surveys and reports to its network of independent asbestos consultants; the allocated surveyor who provides the report is responsible for its content and any duty of care liabilities.
  7. When pre-payment has not been made, payment is due 30 days after receipt of our invoice, unless agreed otherwise. Interest will be charged at the rate of 2% per month on all overdue payments.
  8. If you dispute the amount shown on the invoice you must inform us as soon as possible.
  9. If the work is being funded by an insurance claim or grant aid you must inform us in writing giving the full name and address of the funding organisation and any policy, claim or application reference. You are reminded that there is normally an excess on insurance claims or a personal contribution towards grant aid which you must find from your own means.
  10. Unless you have signed a mandate in our favour you are responsible for paying our invoice promptly and recovering any insurance payment or grant aid yourself. Regardless of whether or not a mandate has been signed you are ultimately responsible for ensuring that our invoice is paid.

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